Our Services

Our services fall into three categories: Free, Onsite at your premises, and Offsite at our shop. Because our shop has no storefront, we offer free pickup and delivery services in Forsyth County, NC.

Completely FREE Services

Phone Consultation – FREE – up to 20 minutes
Send us a message here; or send email to support@fcsnc.com. Be sure to give us your telephone number(s), and we will be glad to schedule a call.

Email Consultation – FREE
Send us a message here; or send email to support@fcsnc.com

Online Chat – FREE
Our website has a chat/message bot at the bottom of the screen. Click the “message” or “chat” button and we will receive your message. We will respond within 12 hours or, if we are online, within seconds.

Remote Consultation – FREE – up to 20 minutes
If your computer has a stable internet connection from your home or office, we utilize secure remote desktop software so that we can see your screen and (with your permission) manipulate your keyboard and mouse to diagnose your computer or provide advice. When we use this software, it is not necessary for us to leave our office and you do not have to disturb your computer or take it to a shop. This service is not only “touch free;” it is “visit free.” After our remote service is complete, no remote software will remain on your computer.

Onsite Services (starting at $25)

Onsite Diagnosis – $40 (flat rate)
At a mutually convenient time, we come to where your computer is located (anywhere in Forsyth County). We will discuss whether we can fix the problem(s) presented, and provide you with a quote.

Onsite Repair or Consultation – $50 per hour onsite (anywhere in Forsyth County). Whether you need a complete tuneup, diagnosis, repair, or training, our onsite time is by the hour. Note: multiple visits may be required if a repair requires parts procurement. We do not charge for time between visits.

Remote Windows Tuneup – $25 (flat rate)
We consider this service to be “onsite” because your computer does not leave your home or office. We can only perform complete tuneups remotely when your computer is healthy enough to maintain a fast, stable connection to the internet for our secure remote desktop software.

Windows Tuneup General Information: A full, professional tuneup of Microsoft Windows can take many hours to perform. We charge a flat rate for this service, because some of those hours will involve the installation of updates, malware scans, multiple reboots, and other tasks that will run while we work on other projects that do not relate to your computer. Because of required reboots, you will need to provide us with temporary credentials to your Windows login so that we can resume our work several times. You do not need to be present at the computer while we work, but you do need to leave the computer turned on and connected to the internet. We make every effort to maintain your operating system, data, and applications, while removing junk files, temporary files, and malicious software. We will verify that your hardware drivers are present and up to date, and apply the latest updates for your version of Windows. A full tuneup may require a reinstallation of Windows, but we are not able to do operating system installations remotely; in such cases, we will either have to come onsite or take the computer to the shop.

In-Shop Services (starting at $40)

If we bring your computer into our shop for diagnosis or repairs, you must pay $40 up-front. We will pick up and return your computer for free (anywhere within Forsyth County). For tuneups and repairs, you will be asked to approve the additional charges and your initial payment will be applied to the additional charges.

In-shop Diagnosis – $40 (flat rate)

In-shop Windows Tuneup – $90 (flat rate)

In-shop Repairs – Priced by quote
Repairs can vary in price. For example, a replacement hard drive may cost $100 or less, but the time required to do the replacement is affected by the type of computer (desktop, laptop, mini, etc.). If a laptop requires a screen or keyboard replacement, disassembly and reassembly can take a long time to accomplish. These variables are completely different dependent on each computer’s design and manufacturer, and parts may or may not be available.

Important Notes:

  • We charge only for repairs that are completed as agreed between you and First Computer Services.
  • All Tuneups and Repairs are subject to NC/Forsyth County Sales Tax (currently 7%). Tax will be charged to the customer on each invoiced or receipted service.